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From Mediterranean beaches to middle-eastern mountains filled with olive groves, white rock and flourishing vegetation, Syria, bordering Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, was once a flourishing nation in the Middle East. 

With a population of 21 million, the Christian and Muslim nation has been experiencing a violent and destructive war since 2011, starting as civil conflict and escalating today to a complex international war. Run by long-standing President Bashar al-Assad has been in power since 2000 when he succeeded his father's rule. The armed conflict has thus far taken the lives of an estimated 500,000 people, with more than 3 million displaced to neighbouring countries and Europe. 

The media landscape in current Syria sees journalism operate under strict restrictions, with pro-government outlets operating against armed groups and the opposition. According to Reporters Without Borders, approximately 200 journalists have been killed since the war began.