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Tanzania, or the United Republic of Tanzania, is a country in East Africa, sharing its border with 7 other nations.

With a population of 55 million, Tanzania has not experienced the same domestic and neighbouring turmoil through war as many of its neighbouring countries. Yet even so, a large number of its citizens live under the World Poverty Line. 

Tanzania attracts tourism to the Kilomanjara mountains – Africa's highest mountains. As well as to its rife wildlife and national parks.

Little known is the historical fact that at the beginning of the 20th century German and British colonizers extracted 230 tons of dinosaur bones from the site of Tendaguru in southern Tanzania and brought them to European museums.

This very area inhabited by the Tendaguru community is still a disputed territory, where, in colonial continuity, land grabbing by multinationals and severe displacement of the population started taking place only recently. Although, the site and the dinosaur bones are regarded as sacred heritage by its community.

President John Magufuli was elected in 2015 and has pledged to fight corruption and boost the economy by tackling youth unemployment. However, despite his enthusiasm and hence nickname "The Bulldozer", Magufuli was reported by the BBC to have "caused international concern over his campaign against the independent media and gay rights".