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World Malaria Day Berlin

Author: Murat Suner

On the occasion of World Malaria Day fairplanet held a panel on April, 25th, 2014 moderated by Ali Aslan, TV Host and Journalist, at Platoon Kunsthalle in Berlin. Malaria experts and computer game developers debated about what potential the digital age offers to solve humanitarian issues, in particular malaria. 

Dr. Charles Mbgogo (Chief Scientist, KEMRI, Nairobi), Elizabeth Sarquis (CEO & Founder, Global Gaming Initiative, Minneapolis), Michael Brander (Biovision, Berlin), Thorsten Wiedemann (CEO & Founder, A-Maze Indpendent Game Festival, Berlin) and Sebastian Stier (CEO & Founder, Code Sustainable) joined our panel "Change the Game". 

On the event we introduced the game for a cause "OUTBREAK RESPONDER", where our guests fought malaria in the game and in co-operation with Code Sustainable and Biovision in real life.

In Chapter 01. the results of this panel will be summarized. In Chapter 02. we conducted an interview with Sebastian Stier who developed the game Outbreak Responder. 

Ali Aslan introduced the panelists and openend the discussion about Malaria in the Digital Age considering how Games can help to fight malaria.