Read, Debate: Engage.
Read, Debate: Engage.
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Beyond petroleum
Author: fairplanet
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Keep it in the ground!

Since its launch more than 140,000 of you have signed the Guardian’s petition calling on the Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to divest from fossil fuels. Photograph: The Guardian

As the Paris COP 21 UN climate change conference approaches, Keep it in the ground, the Guardian’s climate campaign that launched in March, is making a shift in direction to tap into a rare commodity in the climate debate - hope.

Everything you need to know about the Paris climate summit and UN talks (Guardian)

In particular, they are aiming to give a fresh focus on the solar revolution already underway and transforming the global energy system. The campaign wants to show that the transition to a world run on clean energy is possible and indeed already happening outside the doors of the UN. Keep it in the ground is also a platform to the people impacted by the decisions being made in Paris and to showcase the energy and creative actions that our readers can get involved in. So far The Keep it in the ground campaign has surpassed 210,000 supporters from more than 170 countries.
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Author: fairplanet
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