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A new approach to wind energy

May 15, 2013
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by:Itai Lahat
One company from the United States is about to throw a serious game changer to the clean-energy industry. Its new wind turbine produces 600% more power than conventional wind turbines with a new design that uses funnels to channel wind to the ground. Meet SheerWind’s INVELOX wind turbine. It will revolutionize not only the wind industry, but the whole world.

Capture - Accelerate - Concentrate. These three words express the essence of SheerWind’s approach to wind power. The name INVELOX comes from a dedication to INcreasing the VELOcity of wind. What the technology produces—energy that is affordable, abundant, safe, and clean—is nothing short of revolutionary. Conventional wind turbines use massive turbine generator systems mounted on top of a tower. INVELOX, by contrast, funnels wind energy to ground-based generators.

Instead of snatching bits of energy from the wind as it passes through the blades of a rotor, wind is captured with a funnel and directed through a tapering passageway that naturally accelerates its flow. This stream of kinetic energy then drives a generator that is installed safely and economically at ground level.

Bringing the airflow from the top of the tower to ground level allows for greater power generation from units that are 50% shorter than traditional wind towers, and whose turbine blades are up to 84% smaller. It also allows for networking, allowing multiple towers to direct energy to the same generator. Fewer generators are required, so equipment and maintenance costs are lower. Most importantly, energy output is greater.

This means that the new turbine produces electricity that costs less than 1 cent per KWH, making it competitive with natural gas and hydroelectric powered generation. It is also able to operate at wind speeds as low as 1 mile per hour and in low wind regimes. This makes it suitable for areas around the world which were not considered optimal for wind energy before. The company says that in contrast to the systems of today, its system ROI (return on investment) is a merely five years. If all the data released by the company is correct, and field tests have shown that it is, than the market is heading for a revolution with the potential to affect the lives and future of us all.

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Itai Lahat