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Better active than radioactive!

June 17, 2014
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by:Marc Hairapetian
Exclusive FAIRPLANET video interview by film critic Marc Hairapetian with “Look 4 Them” filmmakers Tom Dokoupil & Otmar Hitzelberger. “How far can you go, when you fight for the right cause? Does the perspective of the greater good justify kidnapping, violence, or even murder?” This is the tagline of one of the most interesting real independent movies of today: “Look 4 Them”, which is based on a true story.

“Look 4 Them”(not to be confused with the British website who is searching for missed people) is a thriller who gives his young audience more than just a suspenseful entertainment. It is full of political statements and uncovers the truth: In “Look 4 Them” four naïve eco activists are drawn into a cascade of increasing brutality when trying to save the coast of Normandy from a nuclear pollution hazard.

The two German filmmakers Otmar Hitzelberger and Tom Dokoupil (former member of legendary German new wave band The Wirtschaftswunder) did the film which is based on a true story with a low budget but a lot of fantasy. The cast includes not just young actor talents – also international film star Mathieu Carriere (“Gates to Paradise”, “Malpertuis”, “A Woman in Flames”) has a charismatic guest appearance in it. The look of “Look 4 Them” (which will be released in the World Wide Web in September 2014) is a mixture of a modern film adaptation of Enid Blyton’s teenager adventure stories like “The Famous Five” or “ The Secret Seven” and Oliver Stone’s cruel media satire Natural Born Killers” (1994) – and this fact is very charming!

Watch Marc Hairapetian’s exclusive video interview for FAIRPLANET with Tom Dokoupil and Otmar Hitzelberger. It was taken at original location in Berlin where big parts of “Look 4 Them” had been produced, especially the torture scenes in the cellar of the major industrial mobster boss kidnapper’s Themed by “better active now than radioactive tomorrow” Tom and Otmar want to wake up their audience!

So it is also up to you!

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Marc Hairapetian
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