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Green Design: Anthony Oh Recycles Waste Electronic Parts Into Tiny Robots

October 12, 2012
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The Singapore and Malaysia-based industrial designer may make a living in product and electronic design, but his true passion comes out in his tiny robot sculptures.

Working with electronics day in and day out, Oh takes inspiration from his day job and transfers it to his art. From a love of dismantling and dissecting electronics, the designer has begun to see their components in a new way, assigning anthropomorphic qualities to the tiny wires and gears.

The micro-machines have cute names like Astrono and Mr. RoBot, giving personalities to the little figures. Small screws become textured legs, with their heads as robotic feet. Speakers are transformed into a pair ghost-shaped creatures with camera lens eyes, evoking a mini-R2D2. The teeny lights that would illuminate in a computer processor are transformed into four sparkly eyes of Mr. RoBot, whose arms are made from fragile metal gears.

Oh’s creativity and innovation transforms even the smallest disused electronic bits into quirky characters, creating a sci-fi cast of characters from electronics beyond repair.

image source: Anthony Oh

tiny robot by anthony oh