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Hurricane Sandy and climate change

November 07, 2012
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by:Jonathan Lutes
The hurricane that struck America’s east coast last week might have had a silver lining.

One week before the presidential election, one of the two candidates may have used the tragedy as an opportunity to address an aggravating cause of storm: climate change. Although all of the world and half of the U.S. believes that global warming – and the increasing intensity and/or frequency of major storms – is caused by humans. Yet the climate-change-denying half of the U.S. was too important to winning the election; thus, climate change was mentioned by either candidate not once during the three presidential debates this year and not once during and after last week’s storm, nor were climate refugees mentioned. Thank you Op-Ed columnist Nicholas Kristof for reminding New York Times readers that there is a 99.9% chance that humans are responsible for the fact that 3 of the 10 largest floods in NYC since 1900 happened in the last 3 yearsDonate if you can.

Article written by:
Jonathan Lutes