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Mr. Ghost comes to hunt your iPhone

February 18, 2013
tags:#electromagnetic fields, #electronics, #EMF detector, #health, #leukemia, #transmission line
located:Germany, United Kingdom
by:Itai Lahat
The world is drowning in electromagnetic fields (EMF). In the last 20 years, there has been an explosion, a million times fold in the electromagnetic fields surrounding us all. And the debate about their effect on our health has only just begun.

However, in 205 Draper et al. found a 70% increase in childhood leukemia for those living within 200 meters of an overhead transmission line, and a 23% increase for those living between 200 and 600 meters. Some other research from 2009 at the University of Basel in Switzerland found that intermittent exposure of human cells to a 50 Hz electromagnetic field induced a slight but significant increase of DNA fragmentation in the Comet assay. It seems these studies and debates will continue for a long time still.

But if you are one of those “better safe than sorry” kind of person, the next gadget will enable you to protect your immediate environment from some of these signals. Meet t Mr. Ghost, a new device that helps you figure out which of your electronics should be moved away from your bed and your children’s beds, or unplugged. Mr. Ghost uses an EMF detector that plugs into the microphone port of an iPhone, and once the data is gathered, readings are exhibited on the phone’s screen.

When the developer, Aaron Rasmussen was asked why is it useful, he hinted to another possibility of the device. “Because it's fun, and humans can't help but be curious. Learning about an unseen world in your own home is exciting. Also, seeing how much EMF various appliances are leaking is instructive. A lot of different people believe a lot of different things about what EMF does, some people use it for ghost hunting. You're welcome to research it”.

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Itai Lahat
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