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Plant a tree and make friends!

February 23, 2013
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by:FairPlanet Editorial Team
A new project for intercultural exchange based in Bulgaria has just started on Inkubato. "International Friendship Forest in Mugla, Bulgaria" aims to sustain local pine-forests and to establish friendships with the villagers of Mugla.



There are 500 pine trees, typical trees of that area, to be planted around the village of Mugla. To sponsor a tree, you just need to donate 5 Euros and the tree will be named after the donator. Also, once you've donated, you'll get a picture of your personal tree send via email.
To plant 500 trees, 3,000 Euros are needed.


1. The village of Mugla in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains, is an exceptional example for a traditional, environmental-friendly way of living which should be honored and supported.
2. Everyone should plant at least one tree in their life.
3. The tree will be named after you.
4. You can visit your own tree and get to know local people in the village, make new friends.
5. By planting a tree you show that you care for the environment and the future of our planet.
6. Planting a tree is a life-giving act.
7. The honey „Borov Med“ made of the pines is an traditional remedy for flues, cough or angina. Your tree will help producing the old remedy and might cure your or other's disease one day!

Donate here for planting your own tree!

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