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Press Review: Four billion living without protection of the law & CAR's Muslim population in need of immediate action

February 11, 2014
tags:#Central African Republic, #Chad, #corruption, #developing countries, #human rights violation, #Human Rights Watch, #justice, #land grabs, #law, #Millenium Goals, #refugees, #United Nations, #violence
located:Central African Republic, Chad
by:Rebecca Silus
Despite an international effort 15 years ago to draft millennium development goals, issues of law and justice were ignored in favor of healthcare, education, and poverty.

Now 4 billion people live without the protection of the law, making them vulnerable to violence, the loss of land, and denial of basic services. In an effort to correct the oversight, a group named Namati is working with governments and grassroots organizations to develop a plan to achieve justice in developing countries. [The Guardian & Namati]

Human Rights Watch declares the need for immediate action in Central African Republic, asking the United Nations to send a full-fledged peacekeeping mission to protect the country’s Muslim population. Without action, it reports, the future of CAR's Muslim community is at risk after thousands have been massacred by the country’s majority Christian population. An estimated 800,000 are homeless; many are fleeing to neighboring Chad, where resources for refugees are scarce. [Huffington Post]

Article written by:
Rebecca Silus