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Press Review: Nutrition advocates push for big changes in 2014 & Iraq to vote on bill detrimental to women's rights

March 18, 2014
tags:#child marriage, #developing countries, #girls, #Iraq, #malnutrition, #nutrition, #rape, #women's rights
by:Rebecca Silus
Activists fighting for nutrition in developing countries say great strides were made in 2013 and that 2014 is a crucial time for translating political support and financial contributions into reduced child stunting across the world.

Scaling Up Nutrition (Sun) is spearheading the movement by enlisting 45 countries to participate in its movement, which combines a multi-sectoral approach to tackle improved nutrition on organizational, political, and quantitative levels. [The Guardian, Scaling Up Nutrition]

Iraq considers a law that would allow nine year old girls to marry and make it legal for husbands to rape their wives. Human rights activists and many Iraqis see the bill as a step backwards for women’s rights. In addition to its provisions for child marriage and spousal rape, the bill would require women to obtain their husband’s permission before leaving the house and restrict their parental custody rights. [Huffington Post]

Article written by:
Rebecca Silus