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Press Review: Using mobile technology to prevent trafficking of women & 10,000 violent attacks on places of education

March 04, 2014
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by:Rebecca Silus
The Work in Freedom project uses mobile phone technology to prevent the trafficking of women and girls from South Asia to India and the Middle East.

Currently under development, the project will use mobile phones to create labor networks that would connect potential employees with employers and cut out the middle man, which is where abuses normally occur. Its founders are also working on “migration kits” that would provide departing workers with pre-paid SIM cards and resources if they encounter trouble with their overseas employers. [The Guardian, Work in Freedom]

A coalition of human rights groups including the United Nations has released the Education Under Attack report, which documents almost 10,000 cases of violent attacks on places of education between 2009 and 2013. The report finds that violence occurs for a number of reasons including to undermine governments, promote political or religious messages, and to terrorize enemies. In places where education has been targeted, generations of children are denied an education and the effects are felt long after the attacks happen. [BBC]

Article written by:
Rebecca Silus