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Press Review: Woman convicted of "indecent acts" after rape in Sudan & Women in poorest nations not benefitting from strides in health care and education

February 25, 2014
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by:Rebecca Silus
The women’s rights group Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa reports that Sudan has convicted a pregnant woman who was gang-raped.

Her arrest followed the release of a video showing the rape, which prosecutors used to prove she participated in “indecent acts.” In addition to a one-month sentence, the victim was also fined $880, but escaped a penalty of death by stoning after proving she was divorced and had not committed adultery.

A new report from the U.N. concludes that despite two decades of international progress in improving health, education, and living standards for women, those women living in the world’s poorest nations have yet to benefit from the advancements. According to the report, 99 percent of maternal deaths occur in developing countries with 800 deaths per day due to complications in childbirth or pregnancy. Child marriage and lack of education also continue to negatively affect health and poverty rates for women.
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Article written by:
Rebecca Silus