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Second Amendment: Battle for Gun Control in the U.S.

October 01, 2012
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by:FairPlanet Editorial Team
Second Amendment litigation has become a critical battleground since the U.S. Supreme Court held, in District of Columbia v. Heller, that the Amendment guarantees an individual right to possess a firearm at home for self-defense.

This decision created a radical shift in the meaning of the Second Amendment, but it doesn’t prevent smart gun regulations. In the petition stated below you can demand the U.S. congress to stand up against gun violence and increase gun control in the United States.

Gun advocates argue, legally so, that the second amendment grants them the right to own a gun. But, when twelve people die in a movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, 10 people have died in school shootings in 2012, and hundreds die on the streets of our cities, in our communities everyday, one has to ask oneself, whose rights are being protected?

We as a society must come to terms with the fact that gun violence in this country is out of control. It is unfortunate that there are some crazy people out there, and there are far more sane people, who sometimes lose control or make a careless mistake.  In 2007, 613 people died from an unintentional shooting.

It is time that we as American citizens start protecting OUR RIGHTS to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is not possible when guns threaten our schools, our movie theaters, and our communities. Please tell congress, that we demand a real solution to gun violence in this country that includes stricter gun laws. It is time that we as Americans speak out against fear, against violence and in support of our right to be free from gun violence.

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