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Stop killing elephants for illegal ivory trade!

September 10, 2012
topic:Animal Cruelty
located:China, Chad, Cameroon
by:FairPlanet Editorial Team
Please sign the below-mentioned petition by SOS Elephants, which is directed to the Chinese Representatives. China is the world's largest customer of ivory and supports indirectly the killing of thousands of elephants. With the letter you urging them to stop the elephant and rhino slaughter and abolish future killings. Help end the illegal killing of these rare creatures for such senseless reasons!

By signing this petition you can join us in saving  the Chadian elephants from the massive poaching taking place in Chad, RCA and Cameroon. Our main goal is to stop the massive killing of the African elephants and rhinos, due to the demand of ivory and rhino horns by Chinese citizens. We want the Chinese authorities to take action against these killings immediately and ask the Chinese Government to set a complete ban on the import and the purchase of ivory. We want the Chinese people to know that all the ivory which they have purchased within the last 10 years has mainly been obtained from illegal killings of elephants! This is the only way to help and save the African elephants and rhinos, and help anti-poaching rangers.

The amounts of Chadian elephants and rhinos are going down drastically and if we don not take action now these remarkable animals will soon be lost. Many hundred thousands of citizens all around the world are very shocked and disgusted about what is happening! This is a huge crime against biodiversity, originating in China, a huge country that never has prevented her people to purchase ivory. Elephants and rhinos are protected species and world patrimony and deserve your support. If we want future generations to know what elephants and rhinos look like we have to act now!

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