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Fighting trauma with resilience

Lucy Loveday

Dr Lucy Loveday is a qualified GP & experienced medical educationalist. Lucy is on a mission to empower and facilitate young people from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds to connect with nature in a transformative way within mainstream healthcare. Lucy is leading the launch of a 'Green Prescription' project in collaboration with The Woodland Trust. Resilient Young Minds is a programme that uses the natural environment as part of a multi-component approach to address health inequalities whilst promoting sustainable behaviours for planetary health.

Lucy Loveday is a fellow of the Acumen 2020 Fellowship Programme in the United Kingdom.  

What do you do?


fighting trauma2

When and why did you come to the decision to do it?

I realised a long time ago that nature holds many answers - we just need to be prepared to listen. During a challenging period in my

own life, I came to a place of healing when I was immersed in the natural environment. Connecting with nature, being surrounded by nature, drawing upon the senses to really feel that sense of belonging.

What have been your biggest challenges so far?

A big challenge for me is practising patience. Systems change doesn't happen over night. Laying the foundations and building effective and collaborative relationships takes time. The sustainability of the project is also reliant on investment of time, energy and funding. Managing my own capacity to remain focused is key! Pacing yourself is a muscle to be exercised!

What has been the impact or greatest experience so far?

The greatest moment so far has been the sense of collaboration and shared experience when the Resilient Young Minds pilot came to fruition after months of work with a very quick turn around to secure funding and delivering.  Many people were involved in making the pilot a reality and to bear witness to the young people who participated in the pilot (2018) describe their feelings of peace when in the woodland setting and in nature was both a privilege and a joy. To accompany someone in this way is very humbling. 

Apart from your fellowship, what kind of support for your work do you need?

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Ultimately the project needs investment - Whilst financial investment is absolutely fundamental to the sustainability of the project long term, I also need investment by way way of shared networks of support: for example support in designing a website design and offers of time, skill and expertise to develop the project to take it to the next stage - I am always open to facilitating a conversation.