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Tackling Youth Unemployment

Duro Oye

Duro is the CEO of 2020 Change, an award-winning social enterprise that helps young Londoners from low socioeconomic backgrounds fulfil their true potential. 2020 Change aims to create long-standing change by delivering programmes on personal development, training and the social capital needed to thrive in the workplace. Through the flagship ‘I AM CHANGE’ programme the organisation helps to develop the self-confidence that empowers each candidate to become the best versions of themselves.

Please explain what you do:



fighting unemployment

When and why did you come to the decision to do it? 

I decided to start 2020 Change back in 2013 because I felt there was a huge need to create what I felt I needed when I was younger. There are so many things that I learnt outside of school that I felt would have been of benefit to me earlier in life.  

What have been your biggest challenges so far?

My biggest challenge early on was getting young people to sign up and trust the programme, over time the more young people that signed up to the programme and saw a change the more the word got out and more and more young people signed up. Now we have a waiting list of over 200 young people. 

What has been the impact and greatest experience so far? 

Since inception we have helped to transform the lives of over 850 young people. The greatest experience is seeing what each of them is currently doing now and how they have all become pillars in their own communities. Over that time we have also manged to attract interest from global corporate companies who have agreed to continue to support the work that we do.

Apart from your fellowship, what kind of support for your work do you need?

Apart from the fellowship we are always on the look out for likeminded individuals and companies with shared values to help create sustainable employment opportunities for the young people that we work with. 

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What can other change makers learn from your experience?

My advice for other change makers is to believe in yourself and your vision for the future. Don’t worry about how things look now, just keep pushing. The time will come when others will see your vision and run with you. For me this period took 5 years but not once did I give up hope. You have to be your biggest cheerleader. The vision you have came to you because you have the ability to execute it. Always remember that.