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Being black in Germany

August 08, 2015
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located:Germany, Rwanda
by:Ama Lorenz
As Jermain Raffington, a black professional basketball player, grew up in Germany, he lacked role models with whom he could identify. He started the project "Schwarz-Rot-Gold" and embarked on a journey to find them.

"Schwarz-Rot-Gold" portraits the lives of black Germans with different social, political and ethnic backgrounds. Besides of being successful as professionals they all have something in common: They assert themselves and their identity in a country that has not found yet a social consensus about dealing with the ethnic diversity of its population.

Jermain Raffington starts his projects with ten episodes. These are the first ones:

THEODOR WONJA MICHAEL was born in 1925 in Berlin. He is one of the few black German survivors of the Nazi era. After the war, he worked as actor, journalist and official of the Federal Intelligence Service. 

HADNET TESFAI studied political science and Arabic and holds a Master's degree in North American studies. She began her career as a television presenter, among others, for the music channel MTV Germany (2008 to 2010). 

PATRICK MUSHATSI-KAREBA is a Media Executive with profound background in music, digital distribution, media partnerships, product launch and development. Since 2008 he works for the Apple GmbH as iTunes Head Of Music GSA, Italy & PAN Europe.

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Ama Lorenz
Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief, Author
Germany Rwanda
Jermain Raffington and his wife Laurel started the project \'Schwarz-Rot-Gold\'
© Schwarz Rot Gold
Jermain Raffington and his wife Laurel started the project "Schwarz-Rot-Gold"
© Schwarz-Rot-Gold
© Schwarz-Rot-Gold
© Schwarz-Rot-Gold
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